Grade: Senior
Subject: Language

#3908. Pass the Class

Language, level: Senior
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Easley High School, Easley, Sc USA
Materials Required: PPT presentation, Folders with activities, Index cards for each station, Student Task Surveys
Activity Time: 90 minutes
Concepts Taught: Introducing Vocabulary

Teacher _____Brad Seabrook___
Las clases de Escuela
Language__Span____ Level _1____

Unit Theme _______My School Life__________

Duration of lesson ___50 minutes _x_90 minutes ___Other ____minutes

Make a list of the School subjects that you like and don't like.
Applicable Unit Goals
-Students will be able to identify common school subjects and be able to tell which classes they like and don't like in Spanish.

Applicable Unit Understandings
-Students will understand that school classes and school activities in Spain differ from

SC Academic Standards for Modern and Classical Languages

Instructional Strategies
1)Power Point on subjects in Spanish.
Teacher Task:
I will show a PPT on several school subjects. The subjects will be in Spanish and each slide has a graphic and/or sound associated with that subject. It is a good tool for visual learners.
Student Task:
Students will write down both the Spanish and English in their notebooks. Students will also repeat each word as I say them to practice the pronunciation.
2) Pass the Folder Activity:
Teacher Task:
There will be 6 different stations with different activities. I will divide the students into equal groups and monitor each group at each station.
Student Task:
Students will start at a particular station and complete that station's activity. After 5-10 minutes I will have each group rotate to the next station. Each group will complete each activity. (see next page for activities). Students will complete a Student Task Survey to keep the students accountable for staying on task at each station.

Write a paragraph about what you want to do for a career and list the subjects in which you think would help you in your career.


Each group member must draw a slip of paper containing the Spanish subject from the bag and then he/she has to ACT out that school subject for the other members to guess.

Each group member will draw an index card with a Spanish subject and then draw that school subject on the board and the other members must guess what subject it is.

Each group member will turn over 2 cards and see if they match. If they the cards match, they get to keep those cards and then try again. If they don't, then it is the next group member's turn to try.

Read the clues and try to figure out what subject the clues are referring to.

Fill out the crossword puzzle containing school subject vocabulary.

Fill out the word search.