Grade: Pre-School
Subject: Art

#3909. corduroy

Art, level: Pre-School
Posted Wed Feb 28 02:43:17 PST 2007 by Karryn Coombes (
Petrie Terrace, Australia
Materials Required: paper, buttons
Activity Time: 20mins
Concepts Taught: spacial thinking

I read the story of Corduroy and show the video. We talk about the differences and can draw a vendiagram of the same and different things about the two versions. Then the children are asked what else Corduroy might think is his buttton. The children are given a button to glue onto their page and they are then asked to draw something around it. It could be the wheel of a vehicle (train,bus,car), it might be a balloon someone is holding, it could be a traffic light, a flower. The children will come up with some great ideas and all the pictures are unique and individual.