Grade: Elementary
Subject: Health

#3911. Dental Health

Health, level: Elementary
Posted Fri Mar 2 18:07:41 PST 2007 by Andrea Saldana (
La Rosa Elementary, Temple City
Materials Required: Dr. Rabbit's World Tour (video) construction paper, glue, crayons, a toothcare kit for each child
Activity Time: 1 hour
Concepts Taught: Students will understand that teeth need special care in order to remain healthy.

In order to hook the class, the class will watch the video, Dr. Rabbit's World Tour. It is an entertaining and informative (as well as multi-cultural) overview of toothcare.

After the video, the class will use a T-map graphic organizer and with the help from the class, list good things for your teeth on one side and bad things for your teeth on the other.

Since brushing will be on the good side of the t-chart, the teacher will elaborate on the process of brushing. The class, with the help of the teacher, will create a flow map of the tooth brushing process. A colorful strip of paper with white squares in which to draw and color each step makes a nice presentation.

To close, the teacher can provide a tooth care kit for each student to take home. These are often donated by local dentists.