Grade: Middle
Subject: Language

#3918. Progressive Tenses Points Game

Language, level: Middle
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Concepts Taught: This game can be used in any subject

Progressive Tenses
Points Game

Each of the sentences progressive sentences below are worth a certain amount of points. If a student guesses the correct progressive tense verb then he or she will add points to his or her total. If the student guesses the question incorrectly, then he or she will deduct the same amount of points from the total.

All students will start off with a total of 100 points.

Active Voice: Indicates that the subject is performing the action. The subject is doing the action.
Passive Voice: Indicates that the action of the verb is being performed upon the subject. The subject is acted upon.

Each of the 6 Tenses has a Progressive Form:

Passive Voice always contains: is, are, was, were, has been, have been, and had been.

1. Passive Voice: The round stones were placed in the garden by Mr. Tankomoto. (4)
2. Active Voice: Mr. Tankamoto placed the round stones in the garden. (6)
3. Passive Voice: The tall stalks of bamboo are rattled by the wind. (2)
4. Active Voice: The wind rattles the tall stalks of bamboo. (10)
5. Active Voice: The wind blew over the small pine on the hill. (7)
6. Passive Voice: The small pine on the hill was blown over by the wind. (3)
7. Passive Voice: Irises were planted beside the stream. (15)
8. Passive Voice: The boy was bitten by the dog. (13)
9. Active Voice: Missy will present her research project at the conference. (7)
10. Active Voice: Scientists have conducted experiments to test the hypothesis. (9)
11. Passive Voice: The grades for the final exam were posted on the door. (15)
12. Passive Voice: I have been reading books all evening long. (2)
13. Active Voice: Sarah stirred the chocolate chunks into the cookie mix. (5)
14. Active Voice: Robert waits by the door for his mother. (10)
15. Passive Voice: Yuck! That food has been on the floor! (8)
16. Active Voice: Jen danced around the room when she finally got a date for the prom. (4)
17. Passive Voice: Japanese gardens are known for their natural settings. (7)
18. Passive Voice: The visitor is soothed by the sound of water. (14)
19. Active Voice: The ideal garden provides a tranquil place for restful thoughts. (20)
20. Active Voice: Many gardens contain ponds and waterfalls. (9)

Progressive Tenses
Points Game

Name: __________________________

Is it Active or Passive Voice?
My Beginning Total: ________________________

1. _____________________
2. _____________________
3. _____________________
4. _____________________
5. _____________________
6. _____________________
7. _____________________
8. _____________________
9. _____________________
10. _____________________
11. _____________________
12. _____________________
13. _____________________
14. _____________________
15. _____________________
16. _____________________
17. _____________________
18. _____________________
19. _____________________
20. _____________________

My Ending Total: _________________________