Grade: Elementary

#3921. Redcoats & Petticoats

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
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Forest Acres Elementary, Easley, SC US
Materials Required: Redcoats & Petticoats, internet access, library resources
Activity Time: approximately 50 minutes
Concepts Taught: Prior learning, thinking skills, research, compare + contrast, reading for detail

Daily Review:
√ Prior Learning
0 Objective
√ Thinking Skills
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Academic Objectives:
Having read 'Redcoats and Petticoats' the week before, the students will be able to utilize available resources to determine the validity of data in a story. Standard(s):

• Lesson Introduction: ___Complete a story elements chart from Redcoats and Petticoats to recall previous knowledge_

• Instructional Process (Place Internet activity within lesson structure.)
Activity #1: Break students into small groups. Explain the goal of the lesson. Have the following websites bookmarked in case students struggle to find material:

Activity #2: Allow the students to work in their groups (they may use dictionaries, textbooks, the internet, or books from the library) to research the Revolutionary war. Notes: Students should also have a copy of Redcoats and Petticoats available to cross check and make notes.
Activity #3: After 20 minutes, ask groups to rotate to ensure a wide variety of sources. Notes:

Activity #4: Regroup and complete a Venn diagram of similarities and differences between their findings and the content of the book. Notes: Remind students that not all sources are guaranteed to be accurate (example: Wikipedia) and that it is important to check multiple sources.
Activity #5: Discuss the Revolutionary War, the differences found, the importance of using multiple sources, and the importance of being thorough and accurate. Notes: It may be pertinent to introduce the students to plagiarism at this time.

• Homework or extension activity: ____Find one extra source from home (magazine, newspaper article, web page, etc) that confirms or rejects the class' findings. Allow students to compose a song, poem, or create a picture depicting something they learned over the course of the exercise.__________

• Assessment/Reflection: (Strategy/Result) ____students require a great deal of supervision when on the computers. The district's websense software is by in large a very trustworthy tool to keep students from accessing sites that they do not need to visit.____________

Targeted Practices (Check and make notes as desired.)
√ Assessment
0 Cooperative Learning

0 Learning Styles

√ Multiple Intelligences (homework assignment -- flexible guidelines)
√ Technology/Internet
√ Cross Curricula Lesson ( Subjects: Social studies )
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