Grade: Senior
Subject: Computer

#3922. Internet lesson Plan

Computer, level: Senior
Posted Mon Feb 12 06:22:29 PST 2007 by Jeff Fruster (
D.W. Daniel High School, Clemson, U.S.A.
Materials Required: computer, book,
Activity Time: 1hr 30 min
Concepts Taught: filtering, hiding, using the drawing tool,adding/editing pictures, hyperlinks

Internet Lesson Plan


Business Computer Applications 1 and 2
Activity/Course Codes: 5008 and 5009
D.5, D.6


Students will be able to sort data in a worksheet, use AutoFilter to extract specified data from the worksheet, hide worksheet columns or rows, and use the drawing toolbar. In addition to these tasks, students will be able to insert a picture in a worksheet, use excel templates to format a worksheet, insert a hyperlink in a worksheet, save a workbook in a different format, and add/edit comments. How to create and respond to discussion comments will also be covered along with how to use the research tool.

Instructional Design

Presentation/Demonstration- I will open class by having students log on to their computers and turn their books to the "Making the Worksheet Useful" section in their books. Class will be instructed to take notes during the reading portion of the chapter which should consist of vocabulary and the various processes. I will then walk them through steps 6.1-6.12. 6.1 and 6.2 deal with filtering. 6.3 deals with hiding columns and rows. 6.4 and 6.5 deals with using the drawing tool. 6.6 and 6.7 works with adding/editing pictures. 6.8 works with templates and 6.9 works with hyperlinks. 6.10 shows them how to save spreadsheets on the internet. 6.11 will show them how to edit/view comments. And 6.12 will show them how to use the research tool to gather information from the internet. Guided Practice- Every action or process contained in the steps 6.1 through 6.12 will be demonstrated through my CPU onto a projection screen where the student may view all the steps before actually completing them.
Independent Practice- Students will be asked to complete their own notes while reading in between completing the steps in the lesson. They will also complete all the secondary processes within each step, after of course watching the completion thereof before hand.
As the students are reading the material, I will walk around being available I'm up for any questioning. I will also be viewing the students' screens to informally check for accuracy. After completion, they will all save their work to their personal school computer file where I can check them and informally assess their work. Any common mistakes will be addressed the following class period followed by a time allotment for questioning. (1 hour, 20 min.)


The lesson will end with the printing of all material covered in the day's lesson. I will also hand a test syllabus half sheet covering testing material. They will have the last five minutes to save and close any programs we are working on. They will then log off. (5 min.)


CPU's, Office 2003 Textbooks, note taking material


The evaluation for the lesson will be informal for the lesson. It will be done during class time in the form of observations during reading time. It will also be done after school by checking their work on the school hard drive.


Visually impaired students will be seated at the front of class and they will be joined by the lower level students. Higher level students will be seated by lower level students for informal peer assistance.