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Subject: Language

#3925. Antonyms Lesson

Language, level: all
Posted Mon Mar 5 17:29:42 PST 2007 by Meghan Webb (
Activity Time: 15 min

Antonyms Lesson

• What is an antonym?
• Antonyms are two words that mean the opposite of one another.


Can anyone think of any antonyms?
• Sit, stand
• Wet, dry,
• All, none
• Right, wrong
• Hot, Cold
• Sink, float

Multiple Choice: Find the Antonym
(Big Flash Cards)

Game: The Great Antonym Search
Students will be given one card with a word written on it. Have them look at their card and read it to themselves. Then allow them three minutes to move around the room to find the person who has the word that would mean the opposite of their word. After they find their partner, tell them to remain standing beside that person until time is up. When the time is up, the teacher will ask each child to share his/her word and also allow the child's partner to share their word. The words that the students say should be opposites to be correct. The class will listen as each set of partners share their pair of antonyms.