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Oscary Mayer
B.J Skelton, Pickens

Safety Lesson Plan
"You Don't Want To Be An Oscar Mayer Wiener"

Teacher Name: Brian Aiken

Subject: Machine Technology Class Periods: ____ Date(s): ________

Daily Review:
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1 Safety
Academic Objectives:
Teach the students the seriousness of Safety as pertaining to the various machine tools found in the shop and to illustrate the severity of injuries incurred when cutting tools contact flesh. The Oscar Mayer Wieners will simulate the fingers.

• Lesson Introduction: Discuss in general terms the dangers found in the shop due to the various machines tools and establish the topic of Safety as the most important topic of the year.

• Instructional Process
Activity #1: Show the Oscar Mayer theme song video or sing the song. Change the song around to "You don't want to be an Oscar Mayer Weiner." Notes:

Activity #2: Have students put on safety glasses and go to the shop. Open the pack of wieners partially exposing all four of them.
Notes: If the wieners are prepared in advance finger nails can be drawn or painted.

Activity #3: For each machine (grinder, lathe, mill, band saw, etc.) explain the different dangers of the particular machine and then show what would happen to fingers by allowing "Oscar" to touch the grinding wheel, saw blade or end mill. Notes: The goal is "Shock and Awe" tell any first hand experiences with injuries.

Activity #4: Issue the course and machine specific safety test(s). Notes: This will vary by program.

Activity #5: Eat hot dogs!
Notes: Bring plenty!

• Homework or extension activity: Assigned as deemed necessary.

• Assessment/Reflection: This will give an immediate impact as to the seriousness of Safety.

Targeted Practices (Check and make notes as desired.)
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1 Safety