Grade: Elementary
Subject: Mathematics

#3928. Play Dough Fractions

Mathematics, level: Elementary
Posted Mon Mar 5 17:32:45 PST 2007 by Meghan Webb (
Materials Required: Play Dough, Plastic Knife, Lid of Play Dough to create circles
Activity Time: 45 min
Concepts Taught: Fractions

Play-Dough Fractions

Materials: Cookie Cutter Shapes, Play-Dough, Plastic Knife,
1. Give the students 30 seconds to flatten out their play-dough with the doweling rod.
2. Use container to cut out a circle shape.
3. Divide shape:

4. Can anyone divide the circle into thirds?

5. Add some of the fraction pieces together.

6. Subtract some of the fraction pieces.

7. Compare and .
8. If the parts are not equal is the whole divided up into proper fractions? Why or why not?

9. Equivalent Fractions

10. Try using other cutter pieces to make other types of fractions.