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#3932. Introduction to Eggs and Breakfast Foods

other, level: Senior
Posted Thu Feb 22 11:59:04 PST 2007 by Kelly Holder (
BJ Skelton Career Center, Easley, SC USA
Materials Required: Kitchen Staples-cream, eggs, desired meats and cheeses, flour, butter, oven, internet access, crayon
Activity Time: 2 hours and 40 minutes (could be broken down)
Concepts Taught: Culinary Skills using eggs

Daily Lesson Plan
Introduction to Eggs and Breakfast Foods

Teacher Name: Kelly Holder

Subject: Culinary Arts 2 Class Periods: PM Date(s):2-21-07

Daily Review:
1 Prior Learning
1 Objective
1 Thinking Skills
0 _________
Academic Objectives:
To gain a higher understanding of the properties and use of eggs. Standard(s):
D-1,D-2,E-1,G-2, G-6, G-10,G-1

• Lesson Introduction: Have the students have a brief discussion on all their experience with eggs and food production using egg products.

• Instructional Process (Place Internet activity within lesson structure.)
Activity #1: Use handout to correctly label and identify the parts and structure of an egg. Notes: Further information can be found at

Activity #2: Explain commercial production of eggs in a large scale hatchery. Notes: Field trips to local hatcheries would be a wonderful way for students to learn about this. Ex. Clemson University.
Activity #3: Discuss the coagulation of eggs. Notes:

Activity #4: Assign the recipes for the day and explain how to make quiche. Notes:

Activity #5: Make quiche and discuss the taste and texture as related to the eggs. Notes:

• Homework or extension activity: Try to prepare quiche at home and present a mini lesson to family member.

• Assessment/Reflection: Each student will be given an egg diagram to properly access the students knowledge of the subject matter. A practical exam on how to make quiche will also follow to further evaluate the students progress.

Targeted Practices (Check and make notes as desired.)
1 Assessment-practical examination of quiche making

1 Cooperative Learning- the students work together to make quiche. The stronger students help the weaker understand.
1 Learning Styles-Visual learners will benefit from egg diagrams, audio learners from the discussion and hands on learners from the egg production.
0 Multiple Intelligences

1 Technology/Internet- Students will have the opportunity to research the internet(

0 Cross Curricula Lesson ( Subjects: )

X Other ___A field trip to a large commercial hatchery will follow to give students the opportunity to see the information in action.