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Grade: Elementary
Subject: Art

#3935. "O Beautiful" illustrating song

Art, level: Elementary
Posted Tue Mar 13 14:29:28 PST 2007 by Janet Adams (jadams@harborday.org).
School, Corona del Mar, CA
Materials Required: paper, pencils, oil pastels, tempera thinned
Concepts Taught: visual interpretation of this song

!. Students listen to/sing the words to "O Beautiful for spacious skies".
2. They choose one of the seven lines of the song, or teacher assigns a line from the song.
3. Preliminary ideas are drawn on practice paper.
4. Using construction paper, draw ideas from practice paper using pencil. Then trace over pencil with oil pastel crayons (or wax crayons can be used).
5. Using thinned tempera paints, paint in all the parts of the picture, including the background. No paper should be left unpainted!
6. NOTE: teacher can print the line of the song that has been illustrated, and glue it onto the bottom of the painting.