Grade: Senior
Subject: Literature

#3936. Trivia game of Persuasion

Literature, level: Senior
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Easley High School, Easley, SC
Materials Required: Several 4' by 4' slips of paper, a stop watch, tally sheet, questions, pt. values
Activity Time: 30 to 45 minutes
Concepts Taught: review material on any subject in a fun, creative way!

This trivia game is a fun way to review material. I've used it here with Thomas Paine and Patrick Henry but I also use it in some form at the end of any major unit. Students are broken into teams of no more than 4. The teams first task is to come up with a team name related to the subject. Ex: The Liberators or Freedom Avengers. Each group is given multiple slips of paper on which to put their team name; without the team name on each slip the team will not receive points for their submitted answer. These will be their answer cards for each question. The teacher announces the pt. value of the question and reads it once. All teams have one minute to answer the ques. and place the answer in a bowl. This way, students aren't knocking each other over to get their answer in first. Students are reminded to work collectively and quietly because if another team overhears their answer they may steal it- this cuts down on shouting out. After the minute is up the teacher gives the correct answer and then reads the answer submitted by each team and the points are assigned accordingly. Repeat these steps for as many questions as you need to cover in the time allotted. Often several teams end up in a tie so you need a "Lightening Round" to break any ties.
Revolutionaries: Patrick Henry and Thomas Paine
Trivia Game

20 bio Who was a representative for the VA House of Burgesses? A= Patrick Henry

40 lit. Give the author and title of the work that includes the ques. "Are we disposed to be of the # of those who, having eyes, see not, and havings ears, hear not?" A= Thomas Paine
40 lit. Author and title of the work that uses a metaphor comparing America to coal. A= Thomas Paine

30 bio What writer was imprisoned in France for being a
citizen of an enemy nation? Bonus (10 pt.) What nation was the "enemy nation"? England
A= Thomas Paine

40 lit. Author/Title that states, "Tyranny, like hell, is not
easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with T.P.
us that the harder the conflict, the more "The Crisis"
glorious the triumph."

30 lit. Author/Title that uses parallelism as a persuasive T.P.
technique? What word or phrase is paralleled? "The Crisis"

20 bio. What author spoke out against The Stamp Act P.H.
b/c he believed he would be "treasonous" not to?

60 lit. Author/ Title that cautions his audience, "Suffer not P.H.
yourselves to be betrayed with a kiss." "Speech"

30 def. Define Persuasion pg. 101

50 lit. What was the purpose of Paine sharing the Rev.'s are
anecdote about a tavern keeper and his child? father, for
What role do the revolutionaries play in the story? prosperity

10 bio. Who wrote "Common Sense"? T.P.

Revolutionaries: Patrick Henry and Thomas Paine
Trivia Game

points topic questions answer

30 lit. Author/Title that declared, "3 millions of P.H.
people armed in the holy cause of liberty, . . . "The Speech"
are invincible by any force our enemies can send."

40 lit. Author/Title that said, "throw not the burden of T.P.
the day upon Providence, but show 'your faith by "The Crisis"
your works.'" What did he mean? words w/o actions

10 bio. Who dramatically declared, "Give me Liberty P.H.
or Give me Death!"

Lightning Round: who became an outcast in America? T.P.
why? The Age of Reason, deism- atheist
what jobs did Patrick Henry have before he became a lawyer? farming
and merchant life.
What was the Stamp Act? British gov't taxing newspaper and
public docs.
Why was Paine dismissed from his job as a tax collector?
for attempting to get employees higher wages.
What was the war called between America and England?
Revolutionary War