Grade: Middle
Subject: Science

#3940. Proof of Life project

Science, level: Middle
Posted Thu Mar 8 10:19:48 PST 2007 by Tim Mangiaracina (
MS88, Brooklyn, NY USA
Materials Required: dependent on job
Activity Time: 2 weeks at home
Concepts Taught: using the 6 characteristics of life to prove an organism is alive

Project #1 Group Oral Presentation- Proving life Due
Name: Class: Date:

Using the 6 Characteristics of Life, each group will present the argument proving their organism is in fact, alive.

5 Jobs ( All will present orally ) include the following:

The artist will describe the organism in visual as well as verbally describe organism, and its characteristics, which make it unique.

This student will tell how the organism responds to their surroundings. Describing where it lives, who it can live in harmony with. How does it Use Energy, and what form of energy does it use.

Develop and Grow
Over the course of a lifetime what changes occur? What does it do during its life? How does it die? What if anything contributes to its death? These are just a few of the questions which you will discuss in Develop and Grow.

Cellular Structure
You will describe the cellular structure in this part. How they function, Body systems and how they may be unique to this organism.

Reproduction (Group Leader)
This will be done by a member of the group mature enough not to use crude or offensive terms during their speech. This will be a giggle-free description of the reproductive system of this organism. How often does reproduction occur? How long is gestation? What type of birthing ritual occurs? Who cares for the new organism?
The group leader will then also give a conclusion based on the six characteristics of life. Is the organism alive?

Your organism will be given to you today,

My group must prove that is alive using the 6 characteristics of life.

Today: Fill in above line.
My group members are:

My assignment is: