Grade: Middle
Subject: Science

#3941. Take a Walk

Science, level: Middle
Posted Thu Mar 8 10:23:59 PST 2007 by Tim Mangiaracina (
MS88, Brooklyn, NY USA
Materials Required: stopwatch, data table
Activity Time: 1 period, 1 homework
Concepts Taught: Acceleration

Take a walk, or run.

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To calculate our normal walk speed in Meters/Second
To graph our acceleration
To revisit the Metric System
To create a statistical analysis

1. Measure our 15 meters
2. Mark the 5, 10 and 15 meter lengths
3. Post one student with a stopwatch at each length.
4. Students will raise an arm, and lower it as they begin to walk. That is when the stopwatches will start.
5. Students will walk the 15 meters length and get timed for each mark along the way.
6. As students pass each mark (5,10,15) the time will be written down.
7. Walkers will record their own times on table below.
8. Students will rotate until each student has walked.
9. Line graphs will be made from the data of your group.
Student 5 meter 10 meter 15 meter

10. I will give you data of the other 8 people to put in your group, you will make a line graph from this data.
11. Answer the questions below using your graph and/or the data table.

1. Were any of the lines on your line graph straight ( not changing direction at all)? Why or why not?
2. What was your average speed per meter?
3. How long do you think it would take you to walk 20 meters? . 100 meters? .
4. Please write a short paragraph about what you learned from this activity.
When the weather gets nicer, we will do relays.