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Grade: Elementary
Subject: Mathematics

#3943. Lesson using "Math Curse"

Mathematics, level: Elementary
Posted Sun Mar 11 14:43:47 PST 2007 by Loretta Greenough (loretta.greenough@gmail.com).
Materials Required: Four large cardboard cutout shapes ( see lesson)
Activity Time: 45min.
Concepts Taught: recognize geometric shapes, Language arts

Loretta Greenough
February 3, 2007
Integrated lesson plan
Instructor: Jeneille Branen

Grade Level 3

TSWBAT: Recognize the geometric shapes: parallelogram, trapezoid, right triangle, and kite.
TSWBAT: Recreate the geometric shapes: parallelogram, trapezoid, right triangle and kite.
Four large cardboard cutout shapes (parallelogram, trapezoid, right triangle and kite) of different colors
Construction paper with pre-printed shapes of different sizes
Book, Math Curse, Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith.
Anticipatory set:
Display the cardboard shapes at the front of the class. Review the shapes with the students. Then, ask the class to look around the room and see if they can find one of the four shapes. Tell students "Things in our environment are made of these shapes. Can you find any of them in our classroom?"
Display the four shapes in front of the whole class. Ask the students the following questions about each shape. Develop a list of descriptive words about each shape.
Can you describe this shape without saying its name? Point to the first shape. Write the words the students come up with on the board.
Finally, ask for the name of the shape. If students cannot come up with the name, tell them and write the name above the shape on the board.
Ask for a list of objects that are the same shape (Up to 10 objects)
Introduce new vocabulary
o Adjacent: across from
o Congruent: same
o Parallelogram: A shape with two parallel sides, opposite angles and opposite sides are congruent
o Trapezoid: A shape with exactly one pair of parallel sides
o Right triangle: A triangle with one ninety degree angle
o Kite: A shape with two distinct pairs of adjacent sides that are congruent
Checking for understanding/Guided Practice
Read the story Math Curse aloud to students. While reading, have the students do the following things:
Watch for the four shapes in the pictures of the story
Recreate all of the shapes on the same pegboard with rubber bands
Save the recreations so the teacher can check for understanding

Independent Practice
Have students create a geo critter using the four shapes and the construction paper provided
Have students write one or two sentences about their creation.
o They should include what shapes they used and what parts they represent on the critter

Allow students two minutes each to present their creations to the class at the end of the day. Encourage the use of new vocabulary. Hang critters in the hall for visitors to enjoy.
* Please dictate sentences for any student that has reading/writing difficulties.