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Subject: other

#3946. Dance Resume Writing

other, level: Senior
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Materials Required: Computer, Printer
Activity Time: 2 Hours
Concepts Taught: Careers in Dance


5.4 Development of Life Skills and Career Competecies: Determine the appropriate training, experience, and education needed to pursue a variety of dance and dance-related careers

Why have you selected this/these standard(s)?

Teach students how to transfer their knowledge of dance and choreography into professional employment
What do you intend for students to learn?

How to write a professional resume and apply for a job as a dancer.
How to write a professional resume and apply for a job as a choreographer.

How does the content of this lesson build on what the students have already learned?

Students have learned how to dance and how to choreograph dances. They have written autobiographies of their experience in narrative form and will now learn how to write them in a concise and meaningful way.

FORM A: LESSON PLAN continued Date: _______________

What student evidence do you plan to collect during or at the end of this lesson?

2 contrasting resumes and 2 focused cover letters which respond to the student prompt.

Modifications for focus student 1:

Modifications for focus student 2:

How will you know if your students have achieved the learning goal(s)?

Resumes will be neat, focused, and contain only the inofmration that pertains to the employment advertisement to which they are responding.

Letters will be professional and driven towards proving competency in the skills required for the job.



FORM A: LESSON PLAN continued Date: ________________

Describe the lesson and provide a time allocation for each component. Include what you will do and what students will do. (If you have your lesson plan in a different format, copy and attach.)

Modifications for focus student 1:

Lily will be given extra time to work with aids in completing the written portion. She will be allowed to hand-write the letters.

Modifications for focus student 2:

If absent, Melanie's assignment will be sent home with clear and extensive instruction for independent completion.

How does this plan connect students' prior knowledge, life experiences, and interests to the learning goal?

Her visual impairment prevents her from being able to read a computer monitor.

Her skin condition frequently prevents her from attending class.

FORM A: LESSON PLAN continued Date: _______________


How will you group students to maximize instructional learning?

Students will work independently on individual computers but will be seated in mixed-grade groups.

Modifications for focus student 1:
Student will complete the assignment at a regular table with an aide to assist.

Modifications for focus student 2:

Independent work

Describe how grouping will promote social development and achievement of learning goals.

Students come with varied computer skills and can benefit from each other in formatting their typed documents.

Student cannot read a computer monitor. She also needs all directions photocopied in much larger print.

Must be completed at home

Describe materials

Computer, handout

What technology will you use to assist students to meet the learning goals?

Microsoft Word

Modifications for focus student 1:
Large-print photocopy of handout

Modifications for focus student 2:
Extra instruction sheet

How will these materials support the diverse needs of your students?

Written and verbal instructions will diversify the delivery of directions; detailed written explanations provide support for students who have trouble remembering directions.

Describe how this technology will extend learning opportunities and promote critical thinking.

Document formatting can be done in a creative way within the limits of the assignment instructions.

Student cannot read standard sized fonts

Why? Student may not be present