Grade: Middle
Subject: Mathematics

#3948. Math 101

Mathematics, level: Middle
Posted Tue Mar 27 11:02:40 PST 2007 by Justin Aaron (
Jr. High, Odessa, U.S.A
Materials Required: Pencil and Paper
Concepts Taught: Algebra

Hi My name is Mr. Eccles I teach band, math, and Science. Math 101 is my own creatin and is copyrighted.

Step One: Explain to the students how algebra works. Students in my classes are so confused about this question as follows. 12+n=24. For a teacher clearly I know how to do this, but the students can't understand what n means if you are a good teacher you know that n is a variable so explain to them you do the opposite of what the question is example: 24-12=12 so n=12 12+12=24 24=24. To learn more about MATH 101 email me.