Grade: Pre-School

#395. Alphaball

Reading/Writing, level: Pre-School
Posted Tue Apr 14 13:24:43 PDT 1998 by CA Mullen (
St. Francis School, Clearfield, PA
Materials Required: tape,set of word/number cards, bases,and player cards
Activity Time: 20 minutes or longer
Concepts Taught: Recognition of alphabet letters,sight words, color words,recognition of numbers

5 playing cards individually labeled " single ", " double"," triple", " home run ", and " out". Divide youngsters into two teams.

The first player from one team comes to the plate,stand in the pitcher's position and flash an alphabet card. If the player correctly names the letter, have him reach into a container without looking and remove a playing card.He takes the number of bases indicated or is out. The next player comes to bat. The first team continues playing until three outs are accumulated. Then the other team comes to bat. You can have as many innings as you wish.