Grade: all
Subject: Language

#3950. Question Tags

Language, level: all
Posted Wed Mar 28 05:39:55 PST 2007 by Shada (
Secondary school, Mukalla,Yemen
Materials Required: powerpoint show
Activity Time: 60min

The lesson plan of the Question Tags

The contents aims:

1. To let the students know everything about the Question tag.
2. To let them know the uses of the Question Tags.

Technological aims:

1. To let the students solve the online question of a particular websites which prepared previously from the teacher.
2. To let them write their own opinions about the computing period and the topic itself in the Quick topic which prepared previously by the teacher .
3. To let them write their own opinions about the computing period in the survey which also prepared previously by the teacher.

Lesson's steps:

1. Ask the students questions about their previous information that they know about the Question Tags .
2. Show them the PowerPoint show about the Question Tags.
3. During the show ask them questions about every single details in the topic itself.
4. To check their understanding, They will be divided into seven groups, and they will be given different websites to open them and solve the online exercises. At the end, their answers must be sent to my E-mail address which is :, to be checked.
5. They will be given the URL of the Quick topic to write their opinions about the subject it self and the computing period. And then they will also be given the URL of monkey survey to answer the survey questions about the computing period.