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#3955. I Know Idaho

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Posted Wed Mar 28 12:56:18 PST 2007 by Angela Baker (
U of Idaho, Coeur d' Alene, Idaho, USA
Activity Time: 1 hour
Concepts Taught: Study the plants and animals indigent to the rain forest


H Mickey Hart ৵ Planet Drum
N The Dancing Sorcerer
H Tabla Beat Science ৵ Tala Matrix
N Palmistry


H Science, with the integration of Music
N Study of the plants and animals indigenous to the Rain Forest


H Second


H Several pictures of different plants and animals indigenous to the Rain Forest (PowerPoint/Overheads to allow students to see each picture clearly)
H Basic information regarding each plant and animal shown
H The book A Walk In the Rainforest ৵ By: Kristin Joy Pratt
H The Albums: Planet Drum and Tala Matrix
H A Four Square Graphic organizer for each student (example attached)
H Pencil for each student
H Color crayons/colored pencils/markers (any or all) for each student


H Recognize, and distinguish between different types of plants and animals living in the Rain Forest
H Use the Dynamic expression of the music throughout both pieces to correlate with a specific plant and animal
H Use critical thinking skills and imagination to visualize and reproduce two different plants, and two different animals while listening to instrumental, cultural music


H Listen to, analyze, and describe music
H Understand relationships between music, the other arts, and disciplines outside the arts


H Begin with the slide show of different Rain Forest plants and animals
N As each picture is presented, give the information relevant to each picture (i.e. this bush is called a Basket Fern . . . most commonly grows on wet rocks . . . grows easily in a pot or a basket . . . frogs, ants, birds and possums live there . . . etc.)
H Once the pictures have been examined, read the book A Walk In the Rainforest aloud to the students
N As the different plants and animals that have been covered in the slide show come up in the book, be sure to give students time to identify and discuss what he/she has learned
H After the book is completed, hand out a Four Square worksheet to each student
H Instruct the class to retrieve whatever coloring tools he/she want to use for completing an art project
H Explain the directions to the students
N There will be two songs played
N During each song, the students will listen to the music and draw one animal and one plant that he/she have learned about throughout the lesson, in the squares on his/her worksheet (one plant and one animal per song V one plant and one animal per square)
N Explain to the students that he/she will use the music to help him/her visualize one of the many plants or animals introduced in the days lesson
N Instruct the students to use the top two squares for the first song, and the bottom two squares for the second song
N In addition to drawing the two plants and animals, instruct the students to label what he/she has drawn with the proper titles (which he/she has learned in the earlier portion of the lesson)
H Play the first song (no specific order is necessary)
N Allow students a few minutes after each song to complete his/her drawings
H Once both songs have been played, ask the students to present his/her picture to the class; explaining what two plants and animals he/she have drawn and what in the music made him/her think of those particular plants and animals


H Did the student complete all four squares, properly following directions?
H Did the student draw pictures of the plants and animals covered in the lesson?
H Did the student connect the music he/she heard to the drawings he/she completed?


H Students will choose one of the plants or animals he/she has drawn and make up lyrics to go along with the picture and song.
N The students will present his/her lyrics with the song playing to the class, while holding up his/her picture.