Grade: Middle
Subject: Computer

#3961. Symbolism

Computer, level: Middle
Posted Sat Apr 4 05:40:57 PDT 2009 by Rosemary Brent (Rosemary Brent).
Renmark, South Australia, Australia
Materials Required: Computer room, Internet or library catalogue access, Printer
Activity Time: 50 min lesson
Concepts Taught: Awareness of how society uses symbols to convey information



We are surrounded by symbols. Language, signs, colour, sounds, even textures can be symbols in a given context.

Question for class discussion:

What are some of the common symbols we use? Why do you think we use them?


Create a poster that contains symbols that represent you. Your poster will be 1 A4 sheet in size. It should not contain any words, unless they are in the form of word-art.

- This lesson came about, due to the fact that many of my students were using symbols in their assignments, without really understanding the actual meaning of them.
- The question is a prompt that is intended for students to suggest such things as street and hazard signs, company logos, etc.