Grade: Senior
Subject: Language

#3962. Puerto Rican Heritage Month

Language, level: Senior
Posted Thu Mar 29 18:34:03 PST 2007 by Aixa B. Rodriguez (
Bronx, NY, USA
Materials Required: Internet Access
Activity Time: Several days
Concepts Taught: Puerto Rican History

November is Puerto Rican Heritage Month. In groups, pairs or individually, students in Spanish Classes or History classes can compete to see which student will get the most items. A small prize should be arranged for the winner. The main objective should be to teach students to use the internet to "inquire" about the history of Puerto Ricans in the United States and through this medium learn about famous people, places, food and objects. Students should be encouraged to present their findings in a professional manner. PowerPoint presentations are recommended. Alternatively, should students not be living in New York City, other culturally relevant places in their city can be substituted.

RULES: This is an internet/in person scavenger hunt. Items can be found online and printed or in person and photographed. You must eat the food and take a picture of yourself eating it. All scavenger hunt items must be organized into a report and presented with full descriptions (5 sentences at least) for each item! All descriptions must be typed! Good Luck!

1. Loisaida
2. (New York + Puerto Rican) Poets "coffee"
3. El Maestro
4. La Casita de Chema
5. Yerbabuena
6. Bacalaito
7. Alcapurria
8. Relleno de papa
9. Arroz con pollo
10. Arroz con habichuelas
11. T__G__ C__LD__R__N
12. Former location of "Chimney Corner Hall"
13. Bomba
14. Giro
15. Timbales
16. Congas
17. Julia de Burgos
18. Bandera de Lares
19. Plena
20. Seis Chorreao
21. El Museo del Barrio
22. Pedro Pietri
23. A huge mural in El Barrio by Manny Vega
24. James De La Vega
25. James De La Vega's homage to Pablo Picasso's Guernica
26. Macheteros
27. The Young Lords
28. Piri Thomas
29. Pava
30. PIP
31. PNP
32. PPD
33. PSP
34. Cuatro
35. Jbaro
36. Vejigante
37. Coqu
38. Flor de Maga
39. Piln
40. Petroglifo
41. Juta
42. Mapa cacical de Puerto Rico
43. Colibri
44. Garita
45. El Morro
46. San Cristobal
47. Viejo San Juan
48. La Perla
49. Ricanstruction
50. el fogn
51. Flamboyn
52. Paso fino
53. lamento borincano
54. Pedro Albizu Campos
55. Miguel Algarin
56. Piero
57. La Bruja
58. Chupacabra
59. Operation Bootstrap
60. Arturo Alfonso Schomburg
61. Jose Campeche
62. __e__ __ i___e___ ___ o___e____
63. Cuchifrito place
64. Tamarindo
65. Machito
66. Clara E. Rodriguez
67. Calle 13
68. El escudo de Puerto Rico
69. San Juan Bautista
70. Una Botnica
71. Vasos hecho de la cascara de coco
72. Filiberto Ojeda Rios
73. Lus Muoz Marn
74. Tano head from Puerto Rico (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
75. Rafael Ferrer "Merengue en Boca Chica" (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
76. Agua Florida
77. Mofongo
78. pasta de guayaba
79. Sopa de mondongo
80. Esmeralda Santiago
81. T__t__ P__ __ nt__
82. Judith Ortiz Cofer
83. Luis Pales Matos
84. Lola Rodriguez de To
85. Zuleyka Rivera
86. Oscar de la Renta
87. Ray Barreto
88. Danza
89. Ray "Raymond" Ayala
90. Jos Feliciano
91. Menudo
92. Lolita Lebron
93. Frank Lebron
94. Rafael Cordero
95. Eugenio Maria de Hostos
96. Jean-Michel Basquiat
97. Francisco Oller
98. Mariana Bracetti
99. Roberto Clemente
100. Ageyban