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#3963. UNIT: Indigenous Culture's Impact on Hispanic/Latino Culture

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In order to implement this unit, it is recommended that the teacher collect various bilingual side by side books of legends and stories, authentic materials, primary sources, artifacts etc.

Spanish 1 Cultural Unit Plan: NYS LOTE Standard 1: Communication Standard 2 Cultural Understanding

UNIT TITLE: La Raza Indgena y la cultura Hispana Class: Spanish 1/ESOL

Time Frame: 4-6 weeks To coincide with Hispanic Heritage and Puerto Rican Heritage Celebrations

Enduring Understandings, Big Ideas, Essential Questions:
1. Indigenous cultures have left their mark on the language, food, clothing, traditions, objects and behaviors and activities of Spanish speaking cultures.
2. Language evolves and borrows from other languages.
3. The mistreatment of indigenous peoples preceded slavery's atrocities.
4. Indigenous peoples are still suffering (i.e. Chiapas, Amazon capitalism etc)
5. Indigenous Identity and resurgence.

Project/Assessment Focus: How will students demonstrate understanding?
1. Written form- essays and assessment
2. Oral presentation/discussion
3. End of year exam
4. Attitude survey
5. Power points
6. Scavenger hunt
7. Photography
8. Poster/paper
9. Diptych/triptychs
10. Painting/art displays

Texts and Materials: What will students read, study, examine, overview?
Textbook: Realidades 1
Workbooks: Hispanohablantes & Regular workbook , Stories from Puerto Rico, la creacion , Tradebooks in the class, bilingual side by side DK publishing realia dita replicas of taino artifacts, anisa PR taino flashcards laminas Latinos cards, la muerte de salcedo. AMNH scavenger hunt Aztecs, Incas book, Mexico side by side book, Virgin de Guadalupe , Juan Diego, Internet Research.

Sequence of Lessons
La creacin- cognates and spelling differences- elicit rules
Religin- use of accents "They make a difference"
Read aloud/pronunciation- taino words in English, dipthongs and tripthongs,
La muerte de Salcedo- Rebellion of the tainos
Flashcards/objects-reading, introduction to the multiracial origin of Caribbean people (PR DR)
Scavenger Hunt around NYC- Intro to native peoples of Mexico and Central America, use of dictionary/figurative language, Inquiry and note taking.

Content Focus Skills Strategies
(Facts, concepts, principles)
1. Taino, Aztec, Maya, Inca & Other groups ex: Kuna
2. Words, celebrations, festivals etc. juracan=hurricane, day of the dead,
3. Religion: goddesses,
4. Famous "Indians"- La Malinche & Cortez vs. Pocahantas & Sacajewea
5. Clothing "huipil" Molas etc.
6. Legends: La Llorona,
7. food preparation, nopales, peppers, ahuacatl=avocado, chocolate, tomatoes,
8. complexity of native society and civilization, government, warfare, economy
9. Focus on writing for an audience
10. Technology skills/software use
11. Public speaking
12. Dictionary use
13. Research, resources, correct citations MLA format for college preparation
14. Vocabulary Development
15. Grammar terms (i.e. Cognate) Gender and articles,
16. Locations, geography names of countries, Geographic terms ,
17. build up from sentence to paragraphs, verbs and correct use
18. Use of Cultural Institutions around NYC AMNH, El Museo del Barrio