Grade: Senior
Subject: Language

#3964. Spanish/European Influence on Hispanic Culture

Language, level: Senior
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Materials Required: primary sources, internet access, books, dictionaries and encylopedias, art supplies
Activity Time: 4-6 weeks
Concepts Taught: Cultural diffusion, Latino History

Spanish 1 Cultural Unit Plan: NYS LOTE Standard 1: Communication Standard 2 Cultural Understanding

UNIT TITLE: Spain and European Influence on Hispanic/Latino Culture Class: Spanish 1/ESOL Time Frame: 4-6 weeks beginning with Columbus Day

Enduring Understandings, Big Ideas, Essential Questions:
 Art, language and culture politics of the age of exploration
 impetus for colonization
 role of religion
 black legend
 Bernardo de Las Casas
 slavery as a resort after genocide, sugar trade
 mestizos syncretic beliefs
 holidays and traditions
pirates and trade

Project/Assessment Focus: How will students demonstrate understanding?
 Essay: labels Hispanic vs. Latino
 Flags: Cuba, DR, PR, US Symbolism
 Verbs in past tense applied to short bio readings of famous Spaniards,
 timelines and maps
graphic organizers for concept of syncretism

Content Focus: (Facts, concepts, principles)
 # of languages and cultures in Spain
 layers of history in Spain,
 religion holidays in Spain
 Important events in Spanish history timeline
 famous Spanish locations museums architecture
 bullfighting, flamenco
 Europeans other than Spaniards in the Caribbean and south America
 background on Cervantes

Texts and Materials: What will students read, study, examine , overview?
 Ariel,
 bilingual Spain book,
 reading maps regions
 flashcards
 Antoni Gaudi
 Salvador Dali
 Pablo Picasso.
 Christopher Columbus Diary.
 Internet research

Sequence of Lessons
 Power point slideshow
 video on Pablo Picasso
 video on Salvador Dali
 travel video to Spain
 maps and direction giving
 regions of Spain
 famous Spaniards
 architectural influence
 Ferdinand and Isabella and the black legend of Spain
 Las Casas defensor de los indios
 Cervantes y el Quijote
 videos on the conquistadors
 videos on Mxico
 timeline of events,
 12 grapes and other traditions
 heraldry design of ones own crest
 origins of Hispanic names family tree.

Skills Strategies and Timelines
 PowerPoint animation schemes,
 inputting films inputting pictures
 citing sources on pp
 rehearsing timing
 background adjustment
 music mp3 on a power point
 printing handouts with multiple slides
 timelines history facts
 regions of Spain knowledge of these facts
 review trivia game flashcards
 creation of a board game with facts and trivia
 power point slide shows what does it look like?
 Presentations projects from student's family trees
 heraldic symbols
 games and creations of art displays.