Grade: all

#397. The Rain Forest

Social Studies, level: all
Posted Thu Apr 16 10:47:09 PDT 1998 by Myra (
The Summit School, Jamaica Estates, New York
Materials Required: Art supplies, encyclopedias, CD-Rom programs, Internet
Activity Time: Long Term
Concepts Taught: Research and Reproduction

This project is long term and the culmination is the creation of a "Tropical Rain Forest" in the classroom.
We had the students do research on a rain forest and then re-created it.. We used appropriate music.. made rain from celophane, muted lighting, incorporated sounds of birds and other animals..
We even had some live animals.. We brought in live snakes and got stuffed replicas of other life found in the rain forest. Other classes came in and toured our "Rain Forest". Try it and let us know how yours comes out.