Grade: all

#3971. the jungle book

Reading/Writing, level: all
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chico usa
Materials Required: Tables/Chairs inside or outside and The Jungle Book
Activity Time: 30min
Concepts Taught: reading, listening and nutrition

I. Topic:
The Jungle Book/ Food Pyramid

II. Objectives and Domains:
A. After listening to me read aloud The Jungle Book students
will be able to tell me one of the foods that Mowgli eats. (Cognitive).
B. After reading The Jungle Book the students will learn about the food
groups with the food pyramid. (Cognitive).
C. Students will be able to identify the different food groups by playing
the food pyramid game. (Psychomotor, Cognitive).

III. Learning Opportunity Outline:
A. Information:
1. As a group read aloud The Jungle Book.
2. As a group talk about the food pyramid.
3. Finally we are going to play the food pyramid game.

B. Activity Section:
1. " Today we are going to read the Jungle book. Have any of you ever
read this great book? It's one of my favorites!"
2. "What kinds of foods did Mowgli eat in the Jungle Book?" "Are any of
these foods your favorite?"

3. "How many of you have heard of the food pyramid? Where have you
seen it? Can any one tell me anything about it?"
4. "Now we are going to play a little game called the food pyramid game.
Everyone has a game board in front of them with the playing cards in the
middle, right? Okay so what we are going to do is starting with the person
on the right, draw a card from the pile and read what it says. If it says that
ate a banana for a snack, which column of the pyramid would that food fall in too? That's right, fruits! So you would place one game piece in the fruit column. Lets play!"

C. Review
1. "So now that we have played the game, can anyone tell me if Mowgli
made good food choices?
2. What column on the pyramid would that food go in?"
3. "Can you tell me some of the healthy food choices that you make?"
4. "Does anyone have any questions about the food pyramid?"

IV. Space and Resources:
Tables/Chairs inside or outside
The Jungle Book

V. Student Materials:
5 Food Pyramid game boards
Food Pyramid game cards