Grade: Elementary
Subject: Music

#3973. incorporating movements

Music, level: Elementary
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Materials Required: drums
Activity Time: 35 minutes
Concepts Taught: music

Music Lesson: Incorporating Movements
Lesson Plan

Teacher: Denise G Song: Sarasponda

Grade Level: 2-3 Source: The Musical Classroom, p. 357

Objective 1: Students will demonstrate effective listening by repeating after the teachers each line of the song. They will know the words and beats to the song.

Objective 2: Students will be performing a series of movements working on the coordination and balance.

Materials needed: Drums

1. Have students warm up by standing up and do some stretches.
2. Find the starting pitch (C).
3. Sing the first line and have students repeat it back.
4. Sing the second line and have students repeat it back.
5. Sing the third line and have students repeat it back.
6. Mention to students when to do the "Boom-da" part.
7. After teaching the lines, we will have the students sing it all together.
8. Gather students and have them form a circle around the four students in the middle.
9. Once students have learned the song, they will be learning a pattern of snap, clap, snap, clap to "Sarasponda, Sarasponda, Sarasponda".
10. For "Re-Set-Set", the students will be stomping their foot left, right, and then left again.
11. For "Ah-Do-Ray-Oh", the students will be going up and down.
12. For "Aw-say-paw-say-oh", the students will be clapping.
13. For "Boom-Da", there will be 3 to 4 students that will be beating the drum consistently and everyone else will be doing the movements.

Extra Activity: If there is time, another set of patterns will be taught to the students. The procedure is as follows:
1. Have students go back to their desk and sit down with nice posture.
2. Tell them we will sing the song again and this time listening with words starting with "s".
3. Students will have to stand when they hear a word that starts with an "s". The next time they will have to sit.
4. Continuing on with every time they sing a word with an "s", they will be doing the opposite of what they were doing before.

Assessment: To watch and see if the students are following the correct pattern of movements. Students should be able to sing on the correct pitch. To make sure that students are listening to directions carefully.

Lyrics to Sarasponda

Sa-ra-spond-da, sa-ra-spon-da, sa-ra-spon-da, ret-set-set!
Sa-ra-spon-da, sa-ra-spon-da, sa-ra-spon-da, ret-set-set!
Ah -- do -- ray -- oh! Ah -- do -- ray-boom-day-oh!
Ah -- do-ray-boom-day, ret-set-set!
Aw-say-paw-say -- oh!

Sing as an introduction and as harmony
Boom -- da, boom -- da, boom -- da, boom -- da,