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Grade: Middle
Subject: Phys Ed

#3977. "Capture the Flying Disc-jails optional"

Phys Ed, level: Middle
Posted Tue May 1 20:15:09 PDT 2007 by Lisa Beattie (beattie3@tcnj.edu).
The College of New Jersey, Ewing, USA
Materials Required: 2 Frisbees, Pinnies or Flagfootball Belts, Cones
Activity Time: Varies
Concepts Taught: Team Concepts/Strategies, Fitness, Throwing and Catching a flying disc, Chasing and Fleeing

I. Procedure
a. Split class up into two teams using desired method.
b. If using pinnies, give every student on one team a pinny to wear. If using flag football belts, give every student on one team one color belt and every student on the other team another color.
c. Use a lined field outside (soccer, football) or basketball court inside for smaller classes or poor weather.
d. Place cones every few feet along midfield or mid-court.
e. If using a jail, make a 2 circle of cones, about 5 feet in diameter. Set-up circles half way between end line and mid line on both sides of field or court.
f. Put a flying disc right behind each end line.

II. Rules
a. Each team begins on one side of the field or court, this is their territory.
b. A whistle marks the beginning of the game.
c. The goal is for the teams to defend the flying disc in their territory while attempting to capture the flying disc in the other team's territory and bring it back to their territory with out being tagged.
If pinnies are being used, regular tagging rules are applied
If flag football belts are used, the belt must be grabbed and removed.
d. You can tag the other team whenever they are in your territory or can be tagged whenever in the other team's territory, divided by the cones at mid court or midfield.
Area behind the end line, where the flying discs are, is a safe zone. If a player makes it through the other team's territory with out being tagged into the safe zone, the can not be tagged again until they leave the safe zone and re-enter the other teams territory.
e. When a player has possession of the other flying disc they have to get it back to their territory with out getting it intercepted, letting it hit the ground, or getting tagged (or belt removed) while holding it.
Players can choose to run it back or pass the flying disc to other team members.
A point is scored as soon as a team passes the midline with possession of the other flying disc.
f. If tagged, or belt removed, and not in possession of flying disc:
If jails are being used, immediately go to the jail set-up in the other team's territory. Remain there until freed.
If no jails are used report to the teacher on the sideline and perform assigned task (20 jumping jacks, 10 push-ups, etc. . .) After the task is completed, go back to your territory and continue playing.
g. If tagged, or belt removed, and in possession of flying disc:
Drop the flying disc and the other team places it back to its original starting position.
Follow same rules above with regard to a jail or no jail.
h. If a flying disc is intercepted or lands on the ground while attempting to capture it, leave it and the other team brings it back to its original spot.
i. To get freed from a jail, if jails are being used, a team member must successfully run to the jail and tag someone in it.
Players who are freed must run back to their territory before attempting another attack. They get "free backs" so they can not get tagged from jail back to their territory. To let others know they must run back to their territory with both hands in the air.
The player who freed the jail still is at risk for getting tagged or their belt removed.
j. After each point teams should switch territorial sides. You can decide to play with a time limit, best out of three, or any way that fits the needs of the class.