Grade: Elementary
Subject: Language

#3978. Ordering Food in a Restaurant

Language, level: Elementary
Posted Fri Aug 24 19:58:23 PDT 2007 by William Peters (
Suwon Foreign Language High School, South Korea
Materials Required: none
Activity Time: 50
Concepts Taught: Ordering food in a restaurant using basic vocabulary

Ordering Food in a Restaurant

Ordering food in a restaurant is one of the most basic and daunting task to some beginners. This lesson uses a basic dialogue and challenging listening comprehension.

Aim: Ordering food in a restaurant using basic vocabulary

Level: Beginner

Ask students to name different types of food they can find in a restaurant. Write the vocabulary on the board and make sure students take notes.

Give students the dialogue and menu, and ask them to read through it carefully. Point out the use of "would like" for asking for and making request. You may also want to make sure they notice the use of "here you are" instead of "please" when handing someone something (a rather common mistake beginners make).

Pair students up and ask them to use the menu (or a more interesting menu you may have lying around) to role play through ordering a meal. Both students should switch roles a number of times.

Ordering Food in a Restaurant

Read this dialogue

Waiter: Hello, Can I help you?

John: Yes, I'd like to have some dinner.

Waiter: Would you like a starter?

John: Yes, I'd like a bowl of vegetable soup, please.

Waiter: And what would you like for a main course?

John: I'd like grilled chicken with potatoes.

Waiter: Would you like anything to drink?

John: Yes, I'd like a glass of orange juice, please.

Waiter: After John has his dinner: Can I bring you anything else?

John: No thank you. Just the check (bill).

Waiter: Certainly.

John: I don't have my glasses. How much is the dinner?

Waiter: That's $9.25. John: Here you are. Thank you very much.

Waiter: You're welcome. Have a good day.

John: Thank you, the same to you.

Use this menu to practice ordering food in a restaurant.

Vegetable Soup $2.50
Salad $3.75

Sandwiches - Main Course

Ham and cheese $3.00
Tuna $3.50
Vegetarian $4.30
Grilled Cheese $2.70
Piece of Pizza $2.00
Cheeseburger $4.50
Grilled chicken with potatoes $5.00
Spaghetti $5.50


Coffee $1.25
Tea $1.25
Soft Drinks - Coke, Sprite, Orange Juice , etc.