Grade: Pre-School
Subject: Science

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Science, level: Pre-School
Posted Thu May 3 09:10:03 PDT 2007 by Charity (
Bostic, US
Materials Required: Glo Germ Powder, Paper, Book (Germs...), Crayons, Pencils
Activity Time: 30-45 minutes
Concepts Taught: Science - germs, Art - drawing pictures of germs, Reading - Book called "Germs are not for sharing"

THEME - How germs spread!

Children will be observed to see ways in which they spread germs...

IDEAS TO BE EMPHASIZED - how easy it is for germs to go from one place to another, and how important it is to wash our hands and keep them away from our face and mouth.

The lesson will go for 30 - 45 minutes when the children first start class.
The children will be asked to draw what they think a germ looks like. Then we will read the book about how germs spread so easily. Then the children will be shown how the paper had "germs (powder)" on it and how now the germs have spread everywhere, by letting each child stand under the blacklight to see where they have spread to. Then we will discuss the importance of washing our hands and keeping our hands away from our face.

ITEMS FOR SPECIAL ATTENTION - handwashing, and how to stop spreading germs.

EVALUATION - the children will be observed to see if they continue to follow through with proper handwashing and helping stop the spread of germs.

FOLLOW THROUGH FOR PARENTS - the children will take home pictures of their "germs"