Grade: Pre-School

#3983. The Senses

Reading/Writing, level: Pre-School
Posted Mon May 7 09:29:30 PDT 2007 by Tony Dinning (
Materials Required: 1. Magic School Bus, Explores the Senses. By: Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen 2. Fragrance Spray
Activity Time: 30 to 40 minutes
Concepts Taught: Learning about the 5 senses

Students will learn about the 5 senses that we use everyday to know about the world around us.

-The Magic School Bus, Explores the Senses, by Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen
-Fragrance Spray
-paper and pencils

Anticipatory Set:
-Just before the students come in from a recess spray a fragrance that they will be able to recognize. (apples, oranges ect.) Before the students come into class write on the board: "write on a piece of paper what you smelled when you came into the classroom." Discuss with them what they smelled and how they smelled it.
-Tell the students you are going to have them close their eyes and point in the direction you are speaking from. Move to a couple of different places in the room and say something. Have them point to you. Ask them how they knew where you were.

We have already gone over smell and hearing so ask the students if they know the other senses that are used by people or animals. Write all of the senses down on the board in circles with enough space between them to write more information. On a blank piece of paper have the students make their bubbles just as they are written on the board.

Read up to page 7 of "The Magic School Bus. . .Exploring the Senses" to the students. Ask them what senses were talked about and add them to the appropriate bubble on the board. (Ex. "Hear a school bell ring" would be put next to the "hearing" bubble)

Guided Practice/independent work:
Have the students read for the next 20 minutes to them selves doing the same thing, as they read about one of the senses have them add a bubble where appropriate. To get a to get a feel on how the students are doing walk around the room and glance at some of their papers. Look to make sure that they are using bubbles and that what they are writing in the bubbles goes with the correct sense.

After around 20 minutes bring the class back together to discuss what the students put in their bubbles. Write some of their ideas on the board using the bubbles. Ask them what they have learned about senses so far. Have the students put their names on their papers and turn them in.

What was integrated?
Language arts was integrated in to the reading lesson.

Accommodations for special needs children.
For children with special needs have one of the better reading students (Tyson, Collin, Melinda) read to them. Instead of writing words in the bubbles these children can draw pictures in the bubbles. For children who cannot see well make sure and stand close to them when its needed.