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Subject: Phys Ed

#3986. Fitness Monopoly

Phys Ed, level: all
Posted Wed May 9 10:14:37 PDT 2007 by Amanda Paulson (
Emperor Elementary School, San Gabriel, U.S.A.
Materials Required: 8 large pieces of paper, excercise shoes, whistle, dice, stickers, pencil, paper, jump ropes, etc.
Activity Time: 45 minutes
Concepts Taught: Aspects of a Good workout: warm up, cool down, getting your heartrate up.

Fitness Monopoly
Lesson Plan
Content Standards:
(Taken from the Physical Education Curriculum Frameworks)
"Another focus is on how physical exercise conditions the heart, lungs, and muscles. Students learn to differentiate between aerobic exercises that provide cardio respiratory benefits and those that do not. They also learn about the importance of muscular endurance and strength as components of fitness."
Learning Goals:
1. Students will demonstrate their understanding of the importance and benefits of a good workout by answering questions correctly during the "Fitness Monopoly" activity.
2. Students will participate in a workout consisting of a warm up, a workout, and a cool down.
Time: 45 minutes
Materials: Athletic shoes, 8 poster boards, marker, 8- 2lb weights, 4 jump ropes, 2 tennis balls, stickers, record sheet, pen, stop watch, whistle.
Grouping: eight groups of four students
Prior Knowledge: This is their first lesson on physical fitness in my class but they have learned a great deal throughout the year from their physical education teachers.
1. Discuss the qualities of a good work out with the class. Connect the three main components of a good work out with their prior experiences in P.E. Ask students to explain what the benefits and positive results of working out are.
2. Discuss behavior for the activity today. Model my expectations for them. Complement those who are following directions from the beginning. Lead kids outside. Instruct students to begin the first phase of a good work out (warming up) by walking a lap around the field.
3. Discuss the rules of "Fitness Monopoly".
4. Play "Fitness Monopoly": Eight groups of four students. Everyone starts at go. Each group will roll the dice when it is their turn and will jog that number of squares. They will stop and begin performing that activity. They will do that activity until it is their turn again. Each time the students pass go they get a sticker and the chance to earn another sticker if they answer a bonus question correctly.
5. After approximately 25 minutes the group will cool down by walking another lap around the field.
Evidence of Student Learning: I will keep a record of who answered bonus questions correctly and/or incorrectly to gauge the students' retention of the information given to them at the beginning of the lesson.
Modifications: One student had to walk between Fitness Monopoly squares. Otherwise, no modifications were needed for this activity.