Grade: Middle
Subject: other

#3989. Character Webb for SUBSTITUTE

other, level: Middle
Posted Fri May 11 10:42:12 PDT 2007 by Joan A. Nelson (
Oak Ave Middle, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Materials Required: Character Webb handout and play copies
Activity Time: 45 minutes
Concepts Taught: Examine scenes from plays for characterization

Ms. Nelson LESSON PLAN Oak Ave School
Performing Arts for SUBSTITUTE
Per. 5,6

T.P.O.: Students will continue to analyze characters in a play from scripts.
Objective: Each group will read parts of a script together, then do individual forms to show characteristics of different characters in the play.
Theme(s): Drama as a form, seen through characterization.

TOPS -- Copy Vocabulary words due FRIDAY from board: Flat, batten, proscenium, sets, unexpected

Ask table managers to get folders, put out name cards, and bring you name cards for any absent students (leave on my desk with role book).

They will turn in work in table folder at end of class and leave folders in their box.

TEACHER INTRO- Give each table a play and ask them to review it together, looking for characters and things they can learn about them from the script.

ACTIVITY 1- Review handout form with students, explaining the use of the spoke lines as a place to write descriptions about the main character they choose, physical and emotional descriptions that they find in the script.

ACTIVITY 2- Give each table a play and have them read-around together, reviewing cast list at front, and looking for one Main and two Minor characters at each table.

ACTIVITY 3- Each student must complete a Character Web form, though they make the discoveries together. They do not have to choose the same characters from the play, but if they want to do that and collaborate that's OK, as long as they each write their own form.

CLOSURE- please collect folders and put in the box beside my computer.

HOMEWORK- Vocabulary due Friday, to be completed at Home.