Grade: Elementary

#3992. social studies comes to life

Social Studies, level: Elementary
Posted Wed Jun 27 19:34:01 PDT 2007 by Denise Crosby (
Saint Francis of Assisi, Los Angeles, USA
Materials Required: internet access, costumes
Activity Time: one week
Concepts Taught: students will research, & memorize information on someone in history

Day 1: Students will request a specific person in history. If more than one wants the same person, they may plead their case to the teacher as to why they should rewarded with this specific person. A list of available people should be made handy for those who need help.
(homework)Students research a person in history that they would like to portray.
Day 2: They will highlight what they believe to be the most important information. Note: Let them highlight as many items as they like.
Day 3:
They will then rewrite everything and change it from the third person to the first person.
Day 4:
Students will begin memorizing their parts. Some may have too much to memorize, so they can begin deciding what is truly important.
Day 5:
Have students bring in costumes.
Week 2:
In order to make it a little more fun, I turned my classroom into a history wax museum and the students came to life when parents knocked on their desks. We were a hit at our back to school night.