Grade: senior
Subject: Language

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#4. Spanish Menu - an Internet Lesson Experience!

Language, level: senior
Posted by Brenda Lynch (
Things Latino
Madison H.S./Madison, SD , US
Materials Required: Internet connected computers, paper and art tools
Activity Time: 5 days
Concepts Taught: Spanish, web research

Break students into groups of 2-4. Assign each group a country or region to write a menu that includes the currency converstion, Preterit verb forms and the native foods.

After learning the foods in Spanish have them create menu descriptions using Preterit forms of the verbs. I allowed each of the groups half of the class period (because we do not have a computer lab) to do research on the Internet.

I was amazed at the recipies that they we able to find as well as photos to use for the menus. The Currency Converter also was a side lesson.