Subject: Mathematics

#4000. Sorting center

Mathematics, level: Kindergarten
Posted Sat May 12 13:59:27 PDT 2007 by Jennifer Robbins (
Materials Required: See lesson plan
Activity Time: open ended
Concepts Taught: See lesson plan

Sorting Center

Materials Needed:
Kid chopsticks
Ice cube trays
Small stones, feathers, cubes, different colored small objects
Container for small objects

Skills: Fine motor skills, sorting
The kids will have the opportunity to work with the tong tools to sort objects into the ice cube trays or into piles according to chosen characteristics. The first time this center is introduced the kids could sort by characteristics they choose. In the subsequent times I might set out some characteristics for them to use, for example size, color, or texture. For these times there would be a "sorting maps" laid out with the center.
An extension for advanced students is to sort by two characteristics for example green and smooth vs. green and bumpy.