Subject: Science

#4001. The Rock

Science, level: Kindergarten
Posted Sat May 12 14:01:33 PDT 2007 by Jennifer Robbins (
Materials Required: See lesson plan
Activity Time: Multiple days
Concepts Taught: See lesson plan

The Rock

Materials Needed:
Red, blue, yellow, black and white paint
Paint brushes
Newspaper torn in strips
Collapsed yoga ball

Skills: Observation, color mixing, construction

For this center we will have a class discussion about the size, shape and color of rocks. The rocks will be out at the science table. There will also be a demonstration on how to paper mache. At the center the kids will paper mache the collapsed yoga ball to create a rock. This center will take place over several days so that everyone has a chance to work on the rock and for it to dry. Once the ball is covered then we will have a discussion about what color the rock will be. At the center the primary color paints plus the black and white will be available to mix to create rock colors.
An expanded version of this activity would be for each student to research and create their own rock based on their research. A different version would be to create their own "pet" rock and write a story about the adventures of their rock.