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Grade: Elementary
Subject: Literature

#4004. "The Janitor's Boy"

Literature, level: Elementary
Posted Sun May 13 03:51:28 PDT 2007 by Karen (kglenn@hvc.rr.com).
Goshen Middle School, Goshen, Ny
Materials Required: Cd or tape of The Janitor's Boy by Andrew Clements
Activity Time: varies

I am a MS and this unit evolved - was not planned at thr onset. I have a 6th grade special education ( primary)class once a week in the library. We spent several weeks listening to the tape of The Janitor's Boy and stopping from time to time to discuss the plot. I listed the characters on a large tablet attached to an easel. The books main character is a boy who does not like the fact that is father is the school's
head custodian and defaces a table with lots of gum as a type of reaction. After we finished the book we composed a letter to our School's head custodian inviting her to our class. Student thought of questions to ask her and we listed them on th easel tablet. The next week I passed out the questions typed on 3x5 cards to individual students and they practiced reading the questions out loud. The next week we sat in a circle and Millie answered both the prepared and additonal questions about her job, the gum problem, and secret places in our school. i served refrshments and the students were extremely attentive. Millie promised to save all the end of year gum that is removed to show students next year. A great unit for a very difficult group- enjoyed by all.