Grade: Elementary
Subject: Mathematics

#4005. Integers

Mathematics, level: Elementary
Posted Tue Nov 7 17:10:22 PST 2006 by Nina Jason ().
Quesnel Elementry, Quesnel,Canada
Materials Required: overhead or chalkboard
Activity Time: 30-45 min
Concepts Taught: Learning the operations of integers



To get students to understand integers.


Today we are going to learn about integers. Does anyone

have any ideas about what integers are? Those are some

great ideas.Okay. Now, please open up your books to a new page.

Learning About Integers

Defintion: Integers are whole numbers plus negative numbers.
Created: To provide answers to subtraction problems:{4-6=-2}

Addition: -both positive~add,sum is positve{3+8=11}
-both negative~add,sum is negative{-3+-8=-11
-signs different~more(how much?)+or more-{3+-5=-2}

Subtraction: -add the opposite
{8- -4=8+ +4=12}

& Division: -if signs are the same.....answer is positive
{3x4=12} {-3x-4=12}
{12/3=4} {12/3=4}
-if signs are different.....answer is negative
{-3x4=-12} {+3x-4=-12}
{12/-3=-4} {-12/3=4}