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Grade: Pre-School

#4009. "Me" Flags

Social Studies, level: Pre-School
Posted Tue May 15 15:58:55 PDT 2007 by Darlene Hauser (dhauser700@yahoo.com).
Lesson Plan: "Me" Flags by Darlene Hauser
GTCC Childrens Center, Jamestown, USA
Materials Required: Pennant shapes enough for each child with dowel attached
Concepts Taught: I am special and only one of a kind.

Lesson Plan

1. Title: "Me" Flags

2. Concepts/Skills:
I am special and only one of a kind.
I have certain things that I like.
It is okay to be me.

3. Age Level/Group Size:
3 - 4 year olds/ 3 - 4 group size

4 Rationale:
Children are processing cognitively and linguistically. They are also becoming aware of what they like and do not like. They are seeing similarities and differences between themselves and others.

5. Objectives: The child should be able to...
Decorate flag with their picture and other items
Express things they like and placed on their flag
Be respectful of friends sharing about their flag
Carry their "Me" flags and have a parade

6. Preparation:
a. List of materials:
Pennant shapes enough for each child with dowel attached
I Dance In My Red Pajamas by Edith Thatcher Hurd
Take pictures of children and have ready, have pictures from magazines of things such as toys, food, families, animals, etc.
Glue, crayons,
Table, chairs, soap for washing up
Area for parade
Area large enough for group time

b. Preparation of the environment:
Place pennants and items on table. Arrange glue and crayons on table so children may come up a few at a time. Place book at group area.

7 Procedure:
a. Motivational technique:
During morning group time, I will inform the children of the following center activities offered today. I will tell them we have something special to do at the round table and I will be seating there if they have any questions. "We have talked about being me this week. I am going to read a new book. It is called I Dance In My Red Pajamas. In the story, Jenny is going to her grandparents. She is not sure if she should really do things that she likes to do, but her grandparents tell her that they want her to. They let Jenny be Jenny. You will see some pictures of you on the table. You are going to make a very special flag that tells us about what you really like."

b. Teacher's role:
At the round table, I will facilitate as the children engage in gluing and cutting. They will place their pictures on their pennant with the dowel. I will ask open-ended questions to see what children like as far as games or toys. We will have crayons and magazines with pictures. If they have pets or siblings and want them on their flags, they may put them on. Food pictures will be available.

The flags will be used for parades. Books are available that talk about parades. They are also good for The Week of the Young Child in April.