Grade: Middle
Subject: Literature

#4012. Lady or Tiger cross curricular

Literature, level: Middle
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Markham Woods Middle, Lake Mary, FL
Materials Required: Dictionary, Thesaurus, Colored Pencils, Paper
Activity Time: 2 hours
Concepts Taught: Vocabulary, Analysis, Reflection, Speech, Graphic Representation

Sixth Grade Gifted Language Arts Summer Reading
Required Assignment

The Lady Or The Tiger?
A short story by Frank Stockton


1. Before reading, use a dictionary to define the following words:

barbaric, progressive, florid, untrammeled, bland, genial, valor, rhapsody, inevitable, decree, retribution, strew, aesthetic, thronged, savage, parapet.

On one sheet of paper, neatly compose a definition for each word.
From a printed copy of the story, highlight each word listed above. In the margin, replace the word with a one-word synonym using your dictionary or thesaurus.

Written Response to Literature

2. Write three paragraphs composed of five sentences each regarding your response to the story. The first paragraph should reflect whether you think the King's method of trying and prosecuting criminals is fair and why. The next paragraph should discuss the character of the princess, citing specific examples from the story to support your statement. In the final paragraph, state how you would complete the story if you were Frank Stockton and why.

Comprehension, Speaking, Listening, Visual Communication

3. Briefly and in your own words, retell Frank Stockton's Lady Or The Tiger? to seven members of your friends and/or family. Ask each person whether they would choose the lady or the tiger and make a graphic representation showing your results. Your graph can be a circle or bar graph. The graph should be on 8.5x11, unlined, white paper. Each graphic representation should have a separate color. Include a title, the author of the story, and labels to read the graph. The graph should be symmetrical and visually appealing.

Staple the graph on top of the three paragraph essay and turn in for a grade on the first day of school. In addition, bring the printed copy of the story with highlighted vocabulary and work in margins of paper.