Grade: Senior
Subject: Mathematics

#4017. Distance vs. Time interactive activity

Mathematics, level: Senior
Posted Fri Jul 13 16:50:20 PDT 2007 by ma (
interactive distance vs time activity
New York, NY
Materials Required: computers, internet access
Activity Time: 15 minutes
Concepts Taught: graphing distance/position over time

Quick overview: this lesson is based around an interactive web page that creates distance vs. time graphs in real time. The web page works by having a student move a ship across the screen and as the student does this, the page creates the distance time graph in real time. The second person in the activity is supposed to try to emulate the same graph with a second ship that he or she must move across the screen. My students have loved this activity!

1) The meet of this lesson is all done by the students online.
2) (optional step as they could explore this on the web page) provide a brief over view of how to plot the distance vs. time (distance on the x-axis)
3) Divide the students into pairs and have the stronger person, if there is one, be assigned to be the 'first' to do the activitity at the url below.
4) have the students go to this web page (it describes everything you need them to do) (

5) when students are done, the web page allows them to create a print friendly version of the distance vs time graphs that they created. If you want, you can have them print out and hand in the graph.