Grade: Middle
Subject: Music

#4018. Rhythm Reading Review

Music, level: Middle
Posted Tue Aug 14 15:54:14 PDT 2007 by Hannah VW (
Sunnyside Christian School, Sunnyside, WA, US
Materials Required: whiteboard and markers
Activity Time: 10-20 min.
Concepts Taught: 4/4 time, whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, whole rests

This is a great way to review the rhythm skills students have hopefully learned in a general music class before starting a beginning band on their instruments. Great for the 1st week of school.

Setup: Rhythms written on board (1 set of 8 beat patterns, 1 set of 3-8 measure patterns in 4/4 time.)

1. Class practices new one-note "instrument": Tzssss sound (until teacher gives cutoff or pre-arranged stop signal)
2. Class practices lightly tapping foot (1-2-3-4)
3. Class Echoes 8 beat patterns (teacher taps foot and Tzs them, signal students to start w/ hand signal)
4. Do a quick review of note names (whole, quarter, etc.) and beat values by writing the symbols on the board and asking students to give the name of the note and how many beats it lasts.
5. Echo written 8 beat patterns while teacher follows along on the board, (optional: practice each pattern on "continuous repeat" until everyone is confident and teacher signals cutoff)
6. Tell my mistake game: using written patterns, have students raise their hand if they know what mistake the teacher makes while "tzs"-ing a written pattern
(speeding up, counting mistake, slowing down, etc.)
7. Sightread new 4-8 measure patterns with teacher pointing along
(Introduce "One, two, rea-dy, go" to start since they are no longer echoing)
8. Have a student volunteer lead the class by pointing along on the board (teacher says 1-2-ready-go for them)
9. Listening Game: "Listen, am I "tzs"-ing line 1, or 2? Wait until I'm finished to answer, then when I tell you to 'vote with your hands', hold up one or two fingers."