Grade: all
Subject: Language

#4020. Making Plans

Language, level: all
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Suwon Foreign Language High School, South Korea
Materials Required: NONE
Activity Time: 50
Concepts Taught: Conversation models for making plans with someone.

Making Plans

Introduce new vocabulary and conversation models for making plans with someone.

Students will be able to make plans by
Suggesting another day
Setting the time and the place
Adding to plans

Useful expressions to learn
A} Suggesting another day
How about Monday, then?
Maybe we can do it another time then.

B} Setting the time and the place
How about meeting in front of the school?
Why dont we meet at the coffee shop?
Lets meet at the park.

C} Adding to plans
Why dont we have dinner afterwards?
Do you want to go to the beach after that?

Show a picture and ask students to describe the person in the picture.

To invite someone, you ask:
Would you like toK.
How aboutK.

To respond, you can say YES or NO.
YES: Sure, Id love to!
That sounds fantastic!
NO: Im sorry, I cant. I have toK.
Im afraid I cant. ImK

To ask about someones schedule, you say:
Are you free atK?
Do you have free time atK?

To respond, you can say:
YES: Yes, I am.
Yes, I do.
NO: No, Im not.
No, I dont.

Give students examples of completed sentences: would you like to come to my party? Oh, Im sorry, I cant. Im busy that day.

There are three goals:
1. Suggest Another Day
2. Set the Time and the Place
3. Add to Plans

Students work with their conversation partners. Student A will invited Student B to do three activities. Student B adds an activity to the plan. Change roles.

Student A
Go for a walk Have dinner first
Play basketball
Watch a video

Student B
Meet downtown for coffee
Do some sightseeing afterward
Come over and play computer games
Order spaghetti for dinner

Pair-work Activity
Explain to the students that they should listen to the following dialogue, and pick out these five parts:

1. Invitation
2. Decline (busy)
3. Suggest another day (accept)
4. Set the time and the place
5. Add to plans


Tommy: Would you like to go to the Zoo with me on Saturday?
Jenny: Oh, Im sorry, I cant. I have to go to a birthday part on Saturday.
Tommy: OhK thats too bad. Well, how about Sunday, then?
Jenny: Great! I dont have any plans for Sunday. Where do you want to meet?
Tommy: How about outside the Zoo at 3:00?
Jenny: Sure. And maybe we could have a picnic after that.
Tommy: Sounds wonderful. See you at 3:00.


1. I asked my friend to go to swimming, but he said he is busy on Sunday. What should I say?
1) Youre busy??! I hate you.
2) Get away from me.
3) Well, how about Saturday, then?

2. My girlfriend wants to meet me for a drink. To set the time and the place to meet her, what should I say?
1) Thats too bad. Better luck next time.
2) Lets meet at Price Station at 8:00.
3) Why dont we talk about it another day?

3. I am going to see a play with my friend. I want to eat supper with him, too. What should I say?
1) Lets eat dinner instead of seeing a play.
2) What would you like to eat? I want steak.
3) How about eating dinner together after the play?