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#4026. How To Grow A Plant That Moves When Your Students Tickle It!

Science, level: all
Posted Thu Aug 30 17:22:10 PDT 2007 by Mark Chipkin (
Robert E. Bell School, Chappaqua, N.Y. 12564
Materials Required: TIckleMe Plant Seeds
Activity Time: 40 minutes
Concepts Taught: Plants, Living things, botany, tropisms


TickleMe Plant Seeds

Flower pot or cup with hole on the bottom



1. The day before you plant your seeds, soak them in warm water overnight.

2. Fill a flower pot or cup of the way with soil.

3. Plant three to five seeds by covering them with 1/8 inch of soil.

4. Water your seeds gently.

5. Place your newly planted seeds in a room that receives bright light or sunlight for part of the day.

6. Temperatures in the room should be above 70 degrees.

7. Water before the soil dries out.

8. That's it! Your plants will begin to grow in less than a week.

The first two leaves will not be ticklish. In about three weeks, the second set of TickleMe Plant leaves will appear and they will move when you tickle them. TickleMe Plants are best grown as house plants and can even be placed in a bright location outside during the warmer months. They are frost sensitive, so be sure to bring them inside before the cold weather arrives. They produce pink puff ball flowers.

TickleMe Plants can live for a year or more and grow to about one foot plus in height.

Native to Brazil, TickleMe Plants can be found growing wild there and in other tropical areas. The scientific name for the TickleMe Plant is Mimosa pudica. It also has been called shy grass, sensitive plant and other names throughout the world.

To learn about the natural history of the TickleMe Plant go to

Don't be surprised if you find yourself and your children more sensitive to plants. To learn more about growing TickleMe Plants or to order seeds go to