Subject: Language

#4029. Phonics using flashcards

Language, level: Kindergarten
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Phonics flashcards
Materials Required: flashcards
Concepts Taught: Phonics using flashcards


-Use flashcards (your own or download at and show them to the children. Before you start with flashcards, you can ask the students to clap their own name into syllables. Ask a student to clap the word shown on the flashcard into syllables. Let the whole class repeat the word out loud and let them clap the word. Create a row of cards with one, two, three or more syllables. Explain to the students that there are long and short words and you can tell the difference by clapping the words into syllables.

-Use a set of flashcards of any topic and sort them by the starting letter.

-Use a set of flashcards of any topic and sort them by the ending letter.

-Lay down all the flashcards, ask the students to have a good look. Then they must close their eyes, and you take a flashcard and hide it. Ask the students which card is missing.

-Lay down all the flashcards. Name 3 or 4 flashcards out loud and let the students lay the cards down in the exact sequence as you mentioned them.

-Use all the flashcards including the rhyming ones. Lay down 3 or 4 cards with one that doesn't rhyme. Let the student determine the odd one out.

-Play a rhyming memory game with the flashcards.

-Hand out the mini rhyming cards to all students. Make sure they're shuffled. Let all the students call out their card one by one. After everyone is finished the students stand up and walk to the fellow student who has a rhyming match. Repeat this by shuffling the cards and dealing them again.

-What else rhymes? Make rhyming pairs with the mini flashcards and ask the students if they can rhyme more words.

-Let a student pick a rhyming pair and create a sentence with these two.