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Grade: Middle

#4031. Thrown a Curve

Reading/Writing, level: Middle
Posted Thu Aug 9 12:14:42 PDT 2007 by Sara Griffiths (
Novel Guide
South Orange MIddle School, SO, NJ
Materials Required: Book, Notebook, Pencil
Activity Time: 4-8 class periods
Concepts Taught: Novel Guide

Thrown A Curve: Lesson Plans

Introductory Activities

1) You may want to review basic baseball rules and terms so all students understand the baseball scenes and lingo.
- watch a baseball game (movie baseball or an actual game)
- play a quick game (good way to take things outside of the classroom)
- bring in a baseball and explain how to throw a curve ball, fast ball, etc. (good time to use the athletic students as demonstrators)
2) Journal Entries:
- Do you think girls sports are as important as boys sports? In schools? In the community? In the professional world?
- Do you play a sport or are you a fan of one? How do you feel when you are playing? Do you feel this is a big part of who you are?
- Discuss family relationships in your household. How do you get along with your father/ mother? How do your siblings get along? Do you think there is a difference with relations of the opposite sex parent? Explain.

Vocabulary List


Comprehension Questions:

1) Why does Taylor quit baseball as a child?
2) Describe Justin. Why do you think Taylor and Justin are friends?
3) Who is Stacey? Why do you think Taylor and Stacey do not get along?
4) Describe Taylor's home life. Include her relationship with each family member.
5) What act of vandalism does Taylor commit? Why do you think she did it?
6) Discuss Mr. Sacamore. What deal does he make with Taylor?
7) What happened at baseball tryouts? How did the players treat Taylor? The coaches?
8) How does Taylor feel at first about the girls in the locker room? Does her attitude change? Explain.
9) How do Taylor's teammates treat her? Give two specific examples, include names.
10) What happened to Taylor's mother? What do you learn about her mother?
11) How does Taylor's relationship with Justin change throughout the novel?
12) How does Mr. Sacamore help Taylor?
13) How does pitching help Taylor?
14) Taylor and her father go through a healing toward the end of the novel. What do you believe caused them to start talking?
15) What is the theme of the novel? What did you learn from Taylor's journey?