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#4042. knowing your ABC's

, level: all
Posted Sat Sep 22 16:44:03 PDT 2007 by rozita williams (


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#749. Knowing your ABC's
Literature, level: Senior
Posted Mon Dec 14 04:46:04 PST 1998 by Lori P. Gwinn (
Liberty High School, Liberty, SC USA
Materials Required: copy of literary selection, white paper, markers, teams of 4 students
Activity Time: 30 minutes to 1 hour
Concepts Taught: Reviewing facts and details from selected literary works

OBJECTIVE: Students will review facts from a previously studied work of literature.
Divide your class into teams of four students. Give each team blank paper, markers, and a copy of the work you have studied.

Instruct students that they will be reviewing the work by learning their ABC's.

Student teams will write a poem using the letters of the alphabet to begin each new line. Poems may be rhyming or nonrhyming.

A is for the letter Hester wears upon her bossom.
B is for the Black Man who haunts the forest.
C is for Chillingworth who seeks his vengence.
D is for denial that Dimmesdale finds himself in.
E is for everyone who sins in this Boston community.
F is for failure to abide by God's laws.
G is for . . .

COMMENTS: Students love the activity. I made a bulletin board out of their work to display at Open House. I never knew 11th grade students cared about their work like mine did with this review.

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