Grade: Elementary

#4045. Michigan

Social Studies, level: Elementary
Posted Thu Nov 15 11:54:05 PST 2007 by Lori Lucas (
Wayne State University, Detroit, USA
Materials Required: social studies book and internet access
Activity Time: 45 minutes
Concepts Taught: Learning maps and locations


Student Teacher's Name: Ms. Lucas Date: November 14, 2007

Grade Level 2 Topic/Unit: Michigan School: Rainbow District: Clintondale

Social Studies
Great Lakes

Michigan Social Studies Content Standards
Social Studies.II.3.EE.1: Identify locations of significance in their immediate environment and explain reasons for their location.

Learning Resources and Materials
Social Studies book

Development of Lesson

I will prepare the students by showing them how to read a map. I will be using local and U.S. maps to locate Michigan and its surrounding states. I will be asking questions to see how much students know about states and what they know about their state. Most children at this age believe that Michigan, alone, is the only part of the United States. I will have the students inquire as to why we are part of the Great Lakes and what other states make up our Great Lakes.

1. Discuss the location of Michigan and the Great Lakes.
2. Explain the activity during Language Arts center time.
3. Students will work in groups to find some information about Michigan and the Great Lakes. Each student in the group will write one fact.
4. Students will draw a picture of Michigan and explain what it is that they learned about Michigan and the Great Lakes.
I will adapt the lesson to students who are having a hard time by scaffolding them throughout the lesson or by having their peers help them.

The students should have placed the pictures of the states in the proper places and should have one sentence with proper form for each state. The directional word used in each sentence should be used appropriately.

I will have the students discuss, as a class, what they learned.

Teacher Reflection
I believe that this lesson showed the students that they live in a wonderful area surrounded by mostly water. I also hope that the students realize that Michigan is not the only state that is part of the Great Lakes. I also hope that the students saw how vast the United States is.