Grade: other
Subject: Phys Ed

#4047. Energy Source

Phys Ed, level: other
Posted Thu Oct 25 00:13:43 PDT 2007 by Mr. Valinski ().
Pittsburgh Public Schools, Pittsburgh, USA
Materials Required: Cones, Nerf Balls and Woofle Balls
Activity Time: 1 Gym Period
Concepts Taught: Team Work

Materials Needed:
Woffle Balls, Nerf Balls, and Cones.

Set up depends on 2 factors....gym size and size of gym class. For Ex. You have 30 students in your class so you divide your class into 3 teams. 10 Students on each team. You can use 8 Cones and 8 Woffle Balls. 4 or 5 Soft Nerf Balls.
You set up the cones a couple inches away from the wall's of the gym in a straight line but space them out. Put the Woffle Balls on top of the Cones. Sit the Nerf Balls in the middle of the gym. To win the game one team needs to eliminate the other teams players or knock down all the cones with the Nerf Balls. Once a Cone is down its down. No resetting until the end of the game. 2 teams play and winning team takes a break and let the other team and the losing team play each other. The winner of that game will play the winner from the previous game. The game is similar to dodge ball except you are trying to knock down the cones. If a student gets hit with the ball and doesn't catch it the student who got hit is out. If the student catches it the thrower is out. *NOTE If students knock down their own Cone it counts towards a Cone knock down by the opposing team. My students love this game I hope your students Enjoy It.